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Iran to divert water from Gulf of Oman inwards

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PayvandNews -
 Iran says it is implementing a landmark project to divert water from the Gulf of Oman to its central plateau - a project that could not only address the country's surging water crisis but could also help push ahead relevant economic plans in host regions.

Dasht-e Loot - a large salt desert that expands over much of
Iran's Kerman as well as Sistan-Baluchestan provinces
Alireza Razm-Hosseini, the governor general of Iran's southern province of Kerman, told the domestic media that the project - which involved digging a tunnel - was being implemented by Khatam-ul-Anbia Construction Headquarters (KACH) since December 2015.

Razm-Hosseini emphasized that that the government of President Hassan Rouhani had allocated the

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Why dust storms still suffocate Iran’s Khuzestan province

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Al-monitor -
 A massive influx of dust storms in recent weeks has once again paralyzed Iran's southwestern province of Khuzestan. The province has been reeling from dust storms since the early 2000s, a problem which often leads to schools and government offices being closed, power, water and internet outages as well as residents being rushed to hospitals with respiratory complications.

AUTHOR Zahra Alipour

According to a Feb. 18 assessment by the Khuzestan

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Iran's budget bill proposes $125M to deal with dust storms

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PayvandNews - The national budget bill for the next Iranian calendar year (March 2017-March 2018) has proposed a budget of 5 trillion rials (nearly $125 million) to mitigate the effects of dust storms, MP Abbas Papizadeh said.

Dust storms which consistently disturb local residents of southwestern province of Khuzestan coupled with public utility outage has become a national concern lately. Dust particles originated from host spots (mostly dried up wetlands) located in Iran or Iraq are the

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Iran's priciest export at risk

Al-monitor -
 With Iran to its south and Russia to its north and west, the Caspian Sea is not only rich in oil and natural gas reserves, but it is also the world's primary and largest habitat for the beluga, the most famous of the caviar sturgeons, as well as four other sturgeon species. This ancient fish, often described as a living fossil, has been swimming in the Caspian Sea since the time of the dinosaurs. It is one of the world's most expensive and highly sought-after seafood, mainly

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Rohani Visits Ahvaz Following Days Of Protest

 Iran's President Hassan Rohani says his government has taken measures to prevent further water-supply problems in the southwestern city of Ahvaz.

Rohani made the announcement on February 23 during a one-day visit to the city that comes after days of protests over power cuts, dust pollution, and government mismanagement.

"There have also been many efforts to resolve the issue of electricity cuts," Rohani said, adding that he has traveled to the city to inspect measures that are

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