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What Trump needs to know about Iranians

Al-Monitor - Ever since the 1979 Islamic Revolution, the implicit goal of US strategy toward Tehran has with rare exception been to subvert the Iranian political system. Under President Donald Trump, regime change has been adopted as official policy. Trump’s approach has been twofold: to increase sanctions and other pressures to weaken Iran while countering its defensive capabilities and regional influence, and to support Iranians who seek to overthrow the Islamic Republic.

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Iranian women must remain united to advance rights

Al-Monitor -A new form of protest in Iran against mandatory veiling has received much attention in the press and social media in recent weeks. The bold waving of veils on sticks by women who have no apparent affiliation with any movement has not only provoked questions among politicians and even forced some to react, but has also pushed women activists to clarify their position on this issue. Not all activists, and especially those who have a long history of struggle in advancing women's rights, have welcomed the public protests. Their concerns are manifold.

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Iran, Azerbaijan warm up ties after years of frost

Al-Monitor - The collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 was followed by the independence of several states in the Caucasus, including the Republic of Azerbaijan. While the newfound Azerbaijani state has not enjoyed warm ties with Iran, this trend appears to be changing as the two countries move closer to one another.

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Is Khomeinism dying?

Al-Arabia - What’s currently happening in Iran is much more than a wave of popular protests or disputes among the Khomeini regime’s different wings or a game between hawks and doves. What’s happening in Iran is about holding the regime, founded by revolutionary cleric Ayatollah Khomeini, “accountable.”

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Iranian graffitists feel walled in

Al-Monitor - “You are no artist if you are drawing on a wall with spray paint. You are either a vandal or a political activist scribbling a slogan,” Iranian graffiti artist "Mad" said of the longstanding public’s opinion on street art.

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